Chat to Your Website Visitors Before Your Competition Does

Providing the Help Your Website Visitors Need

Helping Hands

“Can I give you a hand with that?”

Ensuring that your website visitors get exactly what they want quickly and easily is key

Live Chat Operators helps hands


“Can I show you something”, “Can I help you find something?”

If someone can’t find their way around your website they’ll leave

Pathfinder through live chat

Personal Shopper

“Have you got everything?”, “Do you need some help?”

Maximising what people buy and helping them through the checkout process can secure sales that might have been lost

personal shopper through live chat

Deal Maker

“What sort of amount were you thinking of spending?”

People search the web for deals all the time. Match your deal to their needs

deal maker through live chat

Appointment Maker

“When are you free?”, “When is best for you?”

Making appointments is not producing business. Sitting them does that

Live Chat Operators helps as Appointment Maker

Lead Generator

“Can I get someone to call you?”

When you’re not there, you need someone to make an appointment for you

Live Chat generate leads

Complaint Handler

“Is there a problem I can help with?”

When someone is unhappy they want you to know it and now. But sometimes it’s best for someone else to take the heat first

Complaint handler through live chat

Website Optimiser

“Can you make my website work harder?”

Sometimes you just need more visitors to your website first of all

website optimiser through live chat

Becoming a Rapid Live Chat Client

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