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Croydon Awards Finalist Rapid Live Chat


The Small Businesses New Best Friend

We are all busy and getting busier trying to more with fewer resources and people.

So having the time to keep an eye on every visitor to your website and ensure that as many as possible contact you and create the opportunity to sell to every one of them, is something most small and medium sized businesses could only dream about.

Until now that is.

Generate Leads Online 24 x 7

From Start-up to well established business, everyone needs to generate leads online today

Increase in online conversions

Reduction in transaction cost

Increase in shopping cart size

Fully staffed 24/7 live chat operator services – not just software

Rapid Live Chat Operators UK is the perfect, scalable professional operator manned live chat  solutions and virtual receptionist service for your business whatever its size and stage of development

Rapid Live Chat Solutions services from Rapid IT Business Solutions is a Manned Live Chat Service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year

So we’re always In, even when you’re Out
(and even when you are finally asleep!)

With an easy set up process and the option of a fixed number of chats per month or unlimited chats, Rapid Live Chat provides immediate results to help grow your business, whilst managing costs for you.


  • We started working with Mr Mathew and his team at Rapid Live Chat since the l last 6 months and we have availed their website and chat management service. Till then we were managing it in-house and and I have to say that Mr Mathew and his team is doing a phenomenal job. We have been getting a lot more inquiries for our services and the team is very prompt in giving us the leads. We have been able to increase our business as a result of their service which is on-time all the time

    Joe Francis Alapatt
    Centre A

    Joe Francis Alapatt
  • The Rapid Live Chat service has been very successful for us. In the first few weeks have already had almost 20 new sales leads, even during the learning phase of the project. We are so pleased we want to add another group company’s website to the service as soon as possible please

    The Student Support Centre

  • Thank you for suggesting and setting up the live chat service for us. We have notices a big increase in sales enquires in the last few weeks. I would like to look into the possibilities of improving our web sites at the meeting

    Economic Insulation

  • 16th August 2013

    Thank you for installing the Rapid Live Chat service on my website. We started seeing the difference immediately.

    As you know, I was using a ‘man it yourself’ chat service, but that was taking up staff resources, which in turn was costing me money.

    I have been using your service for a month or so now and I can already see the benefits. A lot of my visitors come to my website after office hours and, with Rapid Live Chat, I’m able to answer their questions and help navigate them to my shopping cart.

    It’s also interesting to see the chat transcripts you send through to see what my customers are saying. I have made some minor changes to the information I now have on my website as a result of that.

    I look forward to seeing some of the other benefits in the coming months.

    Yours sincerely

    David Johnson
    Operations Manager

    David Johnson

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