Becoming a Rapid Live Chat Operator Client

Getting Set Up on Rapid Live Chat Services

When you become a Rapid Live Chat BPO Client – 24/7 live chat agents, We spend time getting to know you and your Business

. Understanding and agreeing your objectives – We sit down with you and agree what it is you want to achieve and why, the problems you are hoping to solve and the specific outcomes you are trying to deliver.
. Familiarizing ourselves with your website (link to website building page) – we spend time on your website, finding out what’s on it, how it works, what links it has if there are any special features or tools such as mortgage calculators or window area estimating tools
. Finding out what questions you expect to get from live chat on website visitors and potential customers – this is the key stage. We use a simple template process and usually start with your FAQ’s if you already have some. But we also find out what people ask about when they call up or email the company, so we have as complete a set of initial questions as we can develop.
. Agreeing what the answers to those questions should be – One we have the questions, you define the answers. We tell your visitors exactly what you want us to tell them. This can be a rigid copy and paste approach, using exactly the words you want through live chat – this can be key for financial services sales of regulated products, where the process is regulated right from the start. Alternatively, we can agree a set of parameters to apply and then how to answer questions within those.
. Agreeing where and when you want to receive notification of potential customers who want to speak with you directly – this can be instantly by email or hourly or daily if you prefer, or even on demand as soon as you get Online in the morning or finish a sales call, we send them through to you.
. Agreeing anything you don’t want us to say – this can be as important as what you do want us to say. Are there no-go areas, or areas where extra technical know-how is needed to avoid making mistakes or bad recommendations. We can ensure that we avoid these areas, or if they come up, that we know how to refer the visitor to your experts to handle them.
. An escalation route for questions and issues we don’t have the information to answer – never leave a visitor without an answer, even if it takes a little longer to get it. So we need to be able to escalate issues to you and it may that queries go to a different place than complaints. You define where different items need to go to and we manage the message distribution.
. And anything else you think we ought to know before we start
We use a template to capture this and agree it with you, before training our agents to ensure they are well prepared for the things your website visitors are going to ask.

And once we have put this in place we don’t stop there. As we gain experience of your customers and website visitors and the questions and issues they raise, we continually refine and develop this information database to make sure it covers the things we will be asked as they change and evolve.

We also update the information database for any changes in your company such as new products, special offers, new pricing and all the other things that change in business over time.

We also Provide FREE LIVE CHAT SOFTWARE & FREE TRIAL period for First Month (t&c apply).

So click on the Live Chat on website symbol on website now and have a chat with one of our Professional Operators, to experience for yourself what your website visitors could be experiencing in just a day or two’s time, or Contact us here for one of our sales team to call you..

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